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  MICROSOFT : Internet Explorer 6.0
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  MICROSOFT : Internet Explorer 5.0
Name:MICROSOFT : Internet Explorer 5.01

8!Multiple Microsoft Internet Explorer security vulnerabilities
updated since 13.06.2006
document Multiple memory corruptions, address bar spoofing, cross-frame data access. May be used for hidden malware installation.
 Microsoft Internet Explorer Drag-and-Drop code execution
updated since 13.02.2006
document By spoofing target window in race period it's possible to install malware in special folder. Vulnerability may be exploited for trojaning user's machine, but requires interaction.
6!CHM files execution in Internet Explorer
updated since 19.05.2000
document CHM file (HTML-help) may contain unsafe ActiveX elements and could lead to code execution. CHM execution may be triggered by calling CHM file as a HTML or via ActiveX elements.
7!Microsoft Internet Explorer crossite scripting
document Few vulnerabilities allow scripting in local zone.
10!Microsoft Internet Explorer multiple bugs
updated since 21.08.2003
document New rollaup fix released: crossite scripting, buffer overflow during <OBJECT> tag parsing, temporary internet files path disclosure, code execution via OBJECT tag.
7!Multiple Microsoft Internet Explorer bugs
updated since 21.11.2002
document New cumulative patch fixes multiple bugs.
7!Six new bugs in Internet Explorer
updated since 16.05.2002
document Crossite scripting, local files disclosure, security zone spoofing, etc.
7!Доступ к файлам через htmlfile_FullWindowEmbed ActiveX в Internet Explorer(code execution)
updated since 22.11.2001
7!Большая дырка в Outlook Express (E-mail execution)
updated since 30.03.2001
7!Заткнуто 4 дырки в Internet Explorer (Browser Print Template, File Upload via Form, Scriptlet Rendering, Frame Domain Verification)
updated since 02.12.2000
 Уязвимость в Internet Explorer (Cached Web Credentials)
updated since 13.10.2000
6!Очередная уязвимость IE при работе с объектами Office
updated since 28.06.2000
 Очередная дырка в IE - DHTMLED AttiveX
 Заткнута дырка в IE (CAB AtciveX)
 Проблемы с SSL-сертификатами в IE
 Очередная дырка javascript в IE
 Ошибка в IE при определении домена
updated since 12.05.2000
 Очередная уязвимость между фреймами в IE

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