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Name:MICROSOFT : Windows ME

8!Microsoft Windows .ANI (animated cursor) files buffer overflow
document USER32.DLL buffer overflow allows code to be executed. This vulnerability can potentially be used for silent spyware/adware installation.
6!Microsoft WordPad buffer overflow
document Buffer overflow during Word 95/6.0 documents conversion.
7!Buffer Overflow in Tshoot.ocx Windows Troubleshooter ActiveX
updated since 16.10.2003
 Windows ListBox/ComboBox buffer overflow
document Buffer overflow in Windows components makes it possible to launch shatter attack.
7!Windows DirectX MIDI integer overflow
updated since 24.07.2003
document Integer overflow during MIDI processing leads to heap corruption allowing code execution.
6!Multiple SNMP problems
updated since 13.02.2002
document Multiple problems in different SNMP implementation can lead to DoS, remote code execution, etc.
7!Windows NTLM relaying attacks
updated since 14.09.2000
document Some client program use NTLM authentication with user's permission without user request. It may leak to NTLM credentials and perform choosen challenge attack and comprometation of server's with client credentials by relaying NTLM request.
7!Windows Script Engine integer overflow
document Integer overflow on array's sort() function.
6!Microsoft Window ME Help Center buffer overflow
updated since 27.02.2003
document Buffer overflow during hcp:// URL processing.
 Buffer overflow and directory traversal in Microsoft Windows Compressed Folders feature
updated since 03.10.2002
document Buffer overflow and directory traversal while extracting file from .zip archive.
8!Переполнение буфера и DoS в SSDP/UpNP в Windows ME
updated since 19.10.2001
 Новая DoS атака - simultation close
updated since 16.08.2001
 Дырка в compressed folders Windows 98/ME (recoverable passwords)
 Дырка в Web Extender Client
 DoS против NetBIOS/TCP/IP - NBT flood
 Проблемы с безопасностьб в Windows ME
6!Уязвимость в Microsoft/Hilgraeve Hyperterminal
9!Проблемы с безопасностью на уровне ресурсов в Windows 95/98/ME (Share Level Password)
updated since 11.10.2000
 DoS против Windows 95/98/ME - NetBIOS driver
 DoS против WebTV в Windows 98
updated since 12.09.2000
 DoS по IPX против Windows 95/96/ME (Malformed IPX NMPI Packet)

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