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Name:MICROSOFT : Works 2006

6!Microsoft Word multiple security vulnerabilities
updated since 08.05.2007
document Array overflows, memory corruptions on streams parsing and RTF parsing.
7!Microsoft Word / Open Office 0-day security vulnerability
updated since 06.12.2006
document 2 different unknown vulnerabilities are used for hidden malware installation.
8!Microsoft Office multiple security vulnerabilities
updated since 11.10.2006
document Multiple Excel vulnerabilities on different records type parsing and formats conversion. Multiple Microsoft Word code execution vulnerabilities. Memory corruptions in different Office products.
6!Microsoft Visual Basic for Applications buffer overflow
updated since 08.08.2006
document Buffer oveflow on VBA script parsing.
9!Microsoft Word memory corruption
updated since 20.05.2006
document Malform—É–≤ object pointer memory corruption is used in-the-wild for malware distribution.

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