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Safe Run As - keylogger protection

©oded by Sergey V. Gordeychik, [email protected]

This tool is created to protect administrative passwords against keyloggers.
Administrators passwords are stored in the AES encrypted file on the removalable storage (flash-drive, floppy). Then you need to use "run as" command you launch saferunas.hta, and provide username and encryption key.
Password are decrypted and cmd.exe is launched with selected user's privileges.
Edit.hta tool can be used to create and modify file with encrypted passwords.

  1. This tool doesn't protect against smart malware which can copy password file and steal encryption key.
  2. You can't choose program to run. Coming soon.
  3. In this version password entered is used as AES key directly. This is bad idea. PKCS#5 version is coming soon.
  4. Attention - when you run GUI application as high privileged user, you are vulnerable for Shatter-style attacks (see shatter vbs for example).


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