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TextCheck - abusive words ActiveX checker/filter

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ActiveX component for abusive words filtering. Implements TextCheck.AbuseChecker interface.

Supported methods:

  • CheckAbuseR(text) - checks Russian text, returns text with substitutions
  • CheckAbuseE(text) - checks English text, returns text with substitutions
Supported properties:
  • Substitution - string with substitution characters to be used randomly to substitute characters of abusive words
  • Detected - Contains number of detected abusive words after last check
Free for non-commerce usage


regsvr32 TextCheck.dll
Test it: E-GOD

Example (ASP):

Text = "Some abusive text"
Set Checker = CreateObject("TextCheck.AbuseChecker")
Checker.Substitution = "*#$"
TextChecked = Checker.CheckAbuseE(Text)
Count = Checker.Detected
Checker = Nothing
<%=TextChecked%> contains <%=Count%> abusive words


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