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SecurityVulns is one of leading Russian information security related resources, available in both Russian and English with 50,000 of unique visitors every month, 4000 e-mail news subscribers and thousands RSS newsfeeds subscribers.

System administrators and IT security administrators form the majority of Security.NNOV audience.

Recommended topics are computer equipment, software (operation systems, backup software, firewalls, intrusion detection and prevention, VPNs, security scanners, antiviral software, PKI software), SSL certificates, automated system scanning and patching, security services, telecommunication equipment and software.

You can place your advirtisement in the form of graphical or text banners in different formats on the first page of our site, in the news or document search sections in either English or Russian sections of our site. Minimum contract is 10,000 impressions or 1 week. To place your advertisement or obtain additional information on, please e-mail to [email protected].

Ad placement variants and prices. Please note, Russian and English versions are located on different sites:
AE - English version only, main page
BE - English version only, all pages except main one
CE - English version only, all pages
AA - English and Russian, main page,
BA - English and Russian, all pages except main page,
CA - English and Russian, all pages,

Approximate one month advertisement price in US dollars (discounts are possible for end-users, advertizing agencies campaings and long-term contracts). Different ad formats and variants are also possible.

Ad format and placementAEBECEAABACA
1, 200x2007001750185075018502000
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4, 100x100350N/AN/A400N/AN/A
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